DriveWorks Pro 15: Insert Library Feature [send feedback...]

Insert Library Feature

Will insert a named library feature onto a named face.


Property NameDescriptionExample
Configuration NameThe name of the configuration of the library feature that will be used."50.5 X 101"
Face NameThe name of the face the library feature will be inserted onto."Face for slot"
Library Feature FilenameThe full path and name of the library feature"C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\[SOLIDWORKS Version]\design library\features\metric\DriveWorks\slots\straight slot.sldlfp"
First PlaneThe name of the first mating plane."Front Plane"
Second PlaneThe name of the second mating plane."Top Plane"

To apply or view a face name, right click the face in SOLIDWORKS, and select Face Properties...

Using SOLIDWORKS library feature parts

Using the default library feature parts installed with SOLIDWORKS will cause dangling dimensions due to the sketch position being defined by edges in the .sldlfp file.

If using SOLIDWORKS library feature parts is desired, the sketch in the .sldlfp file must be changed so that the sketch position is defined by planes rather than edges.

Recommended practice is to copy the .sldlfp files to another folder before editing, leaving uncustomised files in the original location.

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Insert Library Feature Gen Task

This project demonstrates how Insert Library Feature can be applied to your models.

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