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Info: Keyboard Shortcuts

This topic lists all of the keyboard shortcuts available within DriveWorks Administrator.


F1Opens the Help file.
Ctrl + BOpens the Rule Builder.
Ctrl + CCopy.
Ctrl + XCut.
Ctrl + VPaste.
Ctrl + ZUndo.
Ctrl + YRedo.
Ctrl + OOpen/Create Project, once a group is open.
Ctrl + SSave.

Tables and Data Export

EnterMove to the next cell below the current cell.
TabMove to the next cell to the right of the current cell.
Arrow keysMove to the next cell above, below, right or left of the current cell.
Page Up or Page DownVertically scrolls the page up or down.

Rule Builder

Ctrl + EnterOK a rule when in the Rule Builder.
Ctrl + FLaunch Find/Replace in the Rule Builder.
Ctrl + HLaunch Replace in rules in the Rule Builder.
Ctrl + EExtract Variable.
EscCancels a function wizard.
EnterFinishes (confirms) a function wizard.

Form Design

Ctrl + LToggles form control locking. Toggles form control locking for all controls when nothing is selected.
Ctrl + HToggles design mode visibility of form controls. Toggles visibility for all controls when nothing is selected.

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