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How to: Troubleshoot Missing Plugin References

The article provides information on how to Troubleshoot Missing Plugin References.

It is highly recommended that a backup be taken of any data that is being used so that it can be restored to its original state in the event of any issues that could occur while using it. See How To: Backup an Individual Group for Individual Groups and How To: Backup a SQL Server Database for Shared Groups.

Error Message

DriveWorks will automatically launch the Project Repair Tool if any plugin references are missing. See image below:

Missing Plug In Reference Error Message

The error message shows the plugin references that are missing.

Why Does This Error Message Appear?

This error message is displayed when you open a project that has a reference to a Plugin feature, such as a function or task, where that Plugin is not installed on that computer. This maybe because the project was created on a different machine or the Plugin (PowerPack) has been uninstalled.

You can find out what Plugins you have installed by going to Plugin Settings within the Settings in the header bar.

How to Fix the Missing Plugin

Cancel the Project Repair Tool message, close DriveWorks and install the missing Plugin to fix the error.

If the Plugin missing is a DriveWorks PowerPack you can download the PowerPacks on the DriveWorks community Website.
  1. Go to
  2. Login with your DriveWorks Pro account credentials, if asked
  3. Navigate to the Software tab and select DriveWorks Labs

If the plugin is no longer required in the project the reference can be removed.

Using the Repair Project Tool

There are two options for repairing your project, these are:

  • Find Reference - Will locate the missing Plugin files
  • Remove Reference - Will delete the reference

Find Reference

Use this if you are sure the plugin is installed and you know the location to where the .dll files were installed to.

  1. Click Find Reference with in the Repair Project box.
  2. Use the Windows Explorer it opens to browse to the location of the Plugin and select it.

Remove Reference

Clicking the Remove Reference button will prompt with this warning.

Missing Plug In Reference Error Message

The Image above shows the Warning box that will appear when the Remove References button is clicked prompting you to confirm whether you want to delete all Tasks relating to missing Plugins.

Selecting Yes will Delete the references to the Plugin.

All missing references will be deleted from the project. Please ensure your project is functioning as expected once this has been done.
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