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The DriveWorks Toolbox provides a set of predefined actions that can be run by DriveWorks, as Tasks, in the following ways:

  • From a macro button, on a user form, as a specification macro
  • During specification, as an event or transition, as part of the  Specification Flow

Additionally each task can have conditions applied which are evaluated before deciding to execute the task or not.  See Condition Editor for more information.

Some tasks are fixed and require no further properties to be applied. Other tasks can have further properties applied that can retrieve information from the group or project or pass information into the specification.

Toolbox is available from the following areas:

When a task is selected, its properties are shown in the Properties window.

All tasks have a "Title" property which can be used to give the task a descriptive name.

Depending on the type of task, there may be extra properties.

Each property has a green or a gray orb next to the property name.

A gray orb means that the property has a static value, and a green orb means that the property's value is based on a rule.

To switch a property between static or rules-based, double click the orb next to the property name.

If you build a rule for property, then DriveWorks needs to have the project open to calculate it, which means even if the specification is going from one Paused state to another, DriveWorks will open the project and then close it again which may affect the performance of the project, particularly with Excel Projects.

To build a static value, type the value into the box next to the property name in the property grid.

To build a rule, click the property name in the property grid, and then click the ellipsis "..." button that appears to launch the rule builder.

Toolbox Items

Tasks available from the Toolbox are sorted into the following categories:

  • Data
  • File System
  • General
  • PDM
  • Security
  • Services
  • Specifications

The Toolbox list can be be filtered by using the filter at the top of the list.

Please see the topic How To Use Filters for more advanced filtering information.

The Toolbox is available from the following areas:


The available Toolbox task items are as follows:

Toolbox Task ItemToolbox Task ItemToolbox Task Item
Add New TeamEvaluate Rule ValueRelease Models
Add New UserExternal EPDM Check in a file into vaultRemove User From Team
Add User To TeamExternal EPDM Check In a folders content into the vaultRun 3D Preview
Archive SpecificationExternal EPDM Check out a file from vaultRun Macro
Base64 Encode FileExternal EPDM Check Out a folders contents from the vaultRun Macro In A Loop
Cancel SpecificationExternal EPDM Delete a file from vaultRun Macro In Hosted Specification
Change Child Specification StateExternal EPDM Delete a folder from vaultRun Macro In Host Specification
Clear Deferred Flag For ComponentsExternal EPDM Get latest file from vaultSend HTTP Request
Clear Specification Components Deferred FlagExternal EPDM Gets the latest files in a folder from vaultSend Text Message Clickatell
Complete Child SpecificationGet Constant ValueSet Specification Host Control
Copy FileGet Control ValueSet Specification Owner
Copy FolderIncrement Revision NumberSkip Remaining Tasks
Copy SpecificationInvoke Child Specification OperationSkip To Form
Create Closed Child SpecificationInvoke Child Specification TransitionStart Child Specification
Delay Macro TimeoutInvoke Specification OperationStore Specification
Delete FileInvoke Specification TransitionSwitch Team Leader Status
Delete FolderInvoke Operation On Existing SpecificationUpdateGroupTableUsingArray
Delete SpecificationInvoke Transition On Existing SpecificationUpdate User Display Name
Delete UserNavigate BackwardUpdate Team Display Name
Delete Calculation Table RowsNavigate ForwardUpdate Team Members Can Capture
Delete Group Table RowsRefresh TableUpdate Team Members Can Edit All Specifications
Delete Simple Table RowsRegenerate and Delete ComponentUpdate Team Members Can Edit Group Security
Delete TeamRegenerate and Delete Specification ComponentsUpdate The Team Project Permissions
Drive Constant ValueRegenerate and Overwrite ComponentUpdate User Email Address
Drive Control ValueRegenerate and Overwrite Specification ComponentsUpdate User Password
Enable On DemandRelease Documents
Enable Disable UserRelease Emails


The available Toolbox condition items are as follows:

Toolbox Condition ItemToolbox Condition Item
Application TypeSetting: Can Edit Completed Specifications
Check ValueSetting: Document Generation Behavior
Is ArchivedSetting: Release To Autopilot
Is Child SpecificationSpecification Complete
Is Specification CancellingSpecification Type

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