DriveWorks Pro 16: Draw Lines in New Image [send feedback...]

Draw Lines in New Image

This Specification Task will draw lines in a new image.

Draw Lines in New Image Properties

Property NameDescription
An Array of LinesA table of lines (start and end points, color, line weight and styles).
Background Texture FileBackground texture file. If left blank the background will be transparent.
Constant NameThe name of the constant used to report on the success of the specification task.
DestinationThe full file name and path of the image file to create, including its extension.
HeightThe new height of the image in pixels.
Line Data Has HeadersTRUE to ignore the first data row, FALSE to include it.
OverwriteTRUE to overwrite the destination file, otherwise FALSE.
Texture FileTexture file used to infill the lines (sketch must be closed to apply).
WidthThe new width of the image in pixels.
TitleChanges the Title (not the name) of the task.

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