DriveWorks Pro 16: Application Theme [send feedback...]

Application Theme

The Application Theme is designed to provide most of the functionality of DriveWorks User with a similar look and feel. It supports the following features:

  • A full Specification Explorer complete with filtering and custom property support.
  • The Specification Explorer automatically updates the information, including documents, about the selected specification periodically.
  • The ability to view specification and model generation reports.
  • The ability to hide/show archived specifications.
  • The ability to add/remove/edit users and teams, if the logged on user has the permissions to do so.
  • The ability to change your own password.
  • The ability open the specification folder for the selected specification if the user is using Internet Explorer.
When your projects make use of the 3D Preview Box control you must set the 3D Preview Service location in the web.config file for the Application Theme. Please see  3D Preview Service Location for more information.

The Theme can be changed from the following applications:

  • DriveWorks Administrator - by opening a Group and then selecting Stage 2: Specification> Personal Web edition (this becomes Stage 6. Specification> Personal Web Edition if you have a project open).
  • DriveWorks Live - by opening a Group and then selecting Stage 2: Specification> Live

Complete the following steps to change the Theme:

Personal Web Edition or DriveWorks Live must be stopped before Theme Configuration can be launched. This can be done from the application you are using by:

  • From DriveWorks Administrator - Stage 2: Specification> Personal Web edition (Stage 6. Specification> Personal Web Edition when a project open).
  • From DriveWorks Live - Stage 2: Specification> Live

Click Stop from the command bar.

  1. Click the Theme button from the command bar
  2. Select the required Theme from the Theme configuration dialog.
  3. Click Finish

A user form control that displays a box in which an interactive 3D Model can be displayed during specification in DriveWorks Live.

The 3D Preview Box can run in 3 different modes:

  1. File Mode - Requires the location of existing 3D content to be applied to the File Name property of the control.
  2. Document Mode - Requires the name of an Output Document that uses a DriveWorks 3D file to be applied in the Preview Document Name property of the control.
  3. Autopilot Mode - Requires the name of an engine that DriveWorks Autopilot will use to render 3D content back to the control, this is set in the Preview Engine property of the control.

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