DriveWorks Pro 15: Run Macro in a Loop [send feedback...]

Run Macro in a Loop

The Run Macro in a Loop task will run a macro in the project the number of times specified by the Start, Limit and Increment Values.


Property NameDescription
DeferTrue to defer the execution of the macro until after the project's design master has been saved. False to run immediately.
Macro Argument

Provides an optional argument to the macro.

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Macro NameThe name of the macro in the project's design master.
TitleChanges the Title (not the name) of the task.
Counter ConstantOptional. The name of a constant which will receive the loop counter value on each iteration.
Increment ValueControls the value added to the loop counter on each iteration, this will be positive to step up and negative to step down.
Limit ValueControls the limiting value of the loop counter.
Start ValueControls the initial value of the loop counter.

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