DriveWorks Pro 16: Drive Dimension Tolerance Limits [send feedback...]

Drive Dimension Tolerance Limits

Drive a dimensions tolernace limits in a Model or Drawing.

This Generation Task can be used to drive a tolerance's upper and lower limits on a dimension. The task can be used to drive tolerance limits in a Part, Assembly or Drawing.

Dimension Names

Model Dimensions


Drawing Dimensions

RD1@Drawing View1

Drawing Views may have spaces in the names. Enter the correct Drawing View Name.


Property NameDescriptionExample
(Name)The unique name for this task.Drive Drawing Dimension
Dimension NameThe name of the dimension that will be driven. Pipe bar (|) delimit the names to drive multiple dimensions.



RD1@Drawing View1

Dimension Lower LimitThe new Lower Limit value for the dimension being driven, in model units.


Dimension Upper LimitThe new Upper Limit value for the dimension being driven, in model units.



Tolerance TypeRuleResult

Dimension Name = RD1@Drawing View1

Dimension Upper Limit = 0.45

Dimension Lower Limit = -0.35




Dimension Name = D1@Sketch1

Dimension Upper = 0.50

Only the Upper Limit is needed for a Symmetric Tolerance. Lower Limit can be left as 0.
Other tolerance types can also be used with this task.

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