DriveWorks Pro 16: SppFilterTableByInclusionList [send feedback...]


Returns a table with data included based on a pipe bar delimited inclusion string


SppFilterTableByInclusionList([Table Array],[Column],[Inclusion List],[IncludeHeader])


Table Array is a Table array (such as the data in a standard table, or the result of a QueryDataValues function).

Column is the column on which to search for inclusions Number starting at 1 for the first column.

Inclusion List is a Pipebar(|) delimited list of inclusion text.

IncludeHeader is TRUE to include header values in the returned table.


ListAll(SppFilterTableByInclusionList(DwTableName,2,"TT Tigers|Boston Bulls",TRUE),3)Will list all data from the third column of the array returned by the FilterTableByExclusionList function. Items in the second column, that match the string "TT Tigers|Boston Bulls" will be excluded.

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