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After Pro Server is installed, the Pro Server needs to be configured by using the DriveWorks Pro Server Configuration Tool before the service can be started.

Microsoft SQL Server Editions

This topic refers to Microsoft SQL Server, please refer to the DriveWorks Pro Server  Prerequisites for information on which editions of SQL Server are supported.

There are three main steps to configuring Pro Server:

  1. Configure the location and authentication information used to connect to Microsoft SQL Server (Covered below)
  2. Configure a user name and password that users of DriveWorks Administrator will need to provide to be able to create groups on the Pro Server (Covered in the article Pro Server). 
  3. Start the service (Covered in the article Pro Server).

In addition, if you are running Pro Server in an environment where Microsoft SQL Server is locked down, then you may need to configure Microsoft SQL Server to enable DriveWorks Pro Server to access it.

SQL Connection Details

The SQL Connection Details task allows the location and authentication information used to connect to Microsoft SQL Server to be configured.

Connect to a SQL Server

Launch DriveWorks Pro Server and click the SQL Server task from the task list on the left hand side, and follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click the Browse button at the end of the Server field.

Step 2

Select the Server from the list of available servers.

If the Server Address does not exist in the list click Refresh Server List to repopulate the list.

Click Next

Step 3

Select the Authentication method the SQL database has been set up to use.

If using SQL Authentication enter the Username and Password required to login to the server.

SQL Authentication

The username and password should have administrator access to the SQL Server.

Click Test Connection to determine if the connection is successful.

Click Finish.

The Test SQL Connection dialog reports the name of the user that was used to test the connection. The Pro Server service is required to run as the user reported, or another user with the same SQL Server permissions. Please refer to the section Pro Server Service Frequently Stops or Shared Groups not appearing in the Groups List, in the topic DriveWorks Pro Server Configuration Tool - SQL Server for information on how to check and set this up.

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