DriveWorks Pro 16: How To: Display A Project Image On The New Specification Dialog (KB12121015) [send feedback...]


It is possible to display an image for each available project (when selected) on the dialog that is launched when the New Specification dialog is launched.

To display a project image

The type of images supported on this dialog are .jpg, .bmp or .gif

The image must have the same name as the project and be located in the same directory as the project (.driveproj) file.

For example to display an image on the new specification dialog for the following project:


The image will be:

C:\DriveWorks\Projects\Cupboard.jpg (or .bmp, .gif)

Image Size Guide

Images should be kept to a mimimum file size. Large file sizes will impact the time it takes to load the image in the dialog.

The dialog will stretch images to fit into an area approximately 239 pixels wide x 212 pixels high. The aspect ratio will not be maintained so any image over this width or height will appear distorted.

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