DriveWorks Pro 16: SppFilterTableByExclusionList [send feedback...]


Returns a table with data excluded based on a pipe bar delimited exclusion string


SppFilterTableByExclusionList([Table Array],[Column],[Exclusion List],[IncludeHeader],[Match start])


Table Array is a Table array (such as the data in a standard table, or the result of a QueryDataValues function).

Column is the column on which to search for exclusions Number starting at 1 for the first column.

Exclusion List is a Pipebar(|) delimited list of exclusion text.

IncludeHeader is TRUE to include header values in the returned table.

Match start (optional) is True to match the start of each entry, False to match the whole entry.


ListAll(SppFilterTableByExclusionList(DwTableName,2,"TT Tigers|Boston Bulls",TRUE),3)Will list all data from the third column of the array returned by the FilterTableByExclusionList function. Items in the second column, that match the string "TT Tigers|Boston Bulls" will be excluded.

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