DriveWorks Pro 16: SppGetModelsInQueue [send feedback...]


Returns an array of models and drawings in the model generation queue.


SppGetModelsInQueue([Top Level Only],[Recalculation Trigger])


Top Level Only is TRUE to only get the top level models in the queue, FALSE for all queued models.

Recalculation Trigger is the trigger to force a recalculation during the running of a specification.

See How To: Force a data refresh when data has changed for one example of implementing a trigger.


SppGetModelsInQueue(FALSE,DWConstantDrivenValue)Will return a table of data in the format {"Target Name","Target Path","Master Path","Tags"}

Subsequent rows will be separated by ; and will contain the model queue information:

Target Name - The name of the model or drawing to be generated.

Target Path - The full path to the location the model or drawing is to be generated (including name and extension).

Master Path - The full path to the location of the master model or drawing (including name and extension).

Tags - The name of any tags that have been applied to the model.

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