DriveWorks Pro 16: From DriveWorksXpress [send feedback...]


Before you import a DriveWorksXpress project, you need to:

  1. Create or open a DriveWorks group into which you want to migrate the DriveWorksXpress project.
  2. Launch the New Project Wizard
When you import a DriveWorksXpress project, the new DriveWorks project file will be created in the same location as the DriveWorksXpress database file, and will be given the same name as the project being migrated.


Step 1.Select the option to "Import DriveWorksXpress Project" and click "Finish" to start the import wizard.
Step 2.Browse for the DriveWorksXpress database from which to import the project and click "Next"
Step 3.

Select one or more projects to import from the DriveWorksXpress database and click "Next"

Although you can import multiple projects in a single step, only the first project that is migrated will be opened when the wizard is closed.
Step 4.Confirm the details on the summary screen, and click "Next" to start the migration process.
Step 5.

The migration process will start, and when completed, the "Finish" button will be enabled.

Click "Finish" to close the migration wizard and open the first project that was migrated.

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