DriveWorks Pro 16: FsGetFullPathGroupContent [send feedback...]


Resolves a file path relative to the group content folder. Also supports prefixes specified below.


FsGetFullPathGroupContent(Group Content As String)


Group Content is the file path to get the full path for.

Prefixes can also be used to reference specific folders in DriveWorks

Accepted prefixes:

  • <Project> - Returns the full path of the Project folder.
  • <Specification> - Returns the full path of the Specification folder.
  • <SpecificationMetadata> - Returns the full path of the Meta Data folder DriveWorks creates for each Specification.
  • <GroupContent> - Returns the full path of the Group Content folder.


FsGetFullPathGroupContent("Images")Will return the full path to the images folder located within the Group Content folder i.e. "D:\DriveWorks\Group Content\Images".
FsGetFullPathGroupContent("<GroupContent>"&"Images") This will return the path C:\DriveWorks\Projects\Images where C:\DriveWorks\Projects is the full path of the current Project.

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