DriveWorks Pro 17: SFGetAccountDetailByIDForSpecificFields [send feedback...]


Returns a pipe bar (|) delimited list of the details for an account for specific fields only.


SFGetAccountDetailByIDForSpecificFields([AccountID],[Field List],[Connect to Salesforce])


AccountID is the ID of the account in Salesforce.

Field List is a pipe bar (|) delimited list of fields for which to get the account details. Must be valid fields.

Connect to Salesforce False to NOT connect, any other value to connect. Can be used as a way to refresh the data, by simply changing this value.


SFGetAccountDetailByIDForSpecificFields("001A000000EAs9IIAT","Name",TRUE)Returns the Name of the account from the specified ID.
SFGetAccountDetailByIDForSpecificFields(AccountIDReturn,"id|Name|Type|BillingAddress",LoginReturn)Returns the ID, Name, Account Type and BillingAddress from the AccountID control.

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