DriveWorks Pro 16: Pack and Go [send feedback...]

Pack and Go

This feature incorporates the functionality of Copy Group and will package all files for easy distribution or backup. As such most steps and workings of this feature can be referenced from the copy group topic.

The end package file that is generated from pack and go is a .drivepkg file. This is essentially a zip file that can be stored or sent to other people so that you can move your implementations easily. It can also be used to backup and restore old versions of your implementations.

How To Use Pack and Go

There is only one wizard step different for the pack and go process, but there is also the ending that is different. Otherwise everything is the same.

The feature works by creating an empty group and copying your selected data into it along with any files you choose. Then packaging that up into a drivepkg file.

Copying of security is mandatory as you will need a way to sign into the group, as such all information is always copied for packaged groups.

Pick Save Location

With the source group open in Data Management, go to DriveWorks Tasks and:

  1. Click the Pack and Go task.
  2. Once the Pack and Go wizard opens with the Beta Feature information showing click Next.
  3. Click the Browse button, enter a name and select a location to create the file. Click Save.
  4. You can change the name of the group that will be created too. You might wish to do this if you are only creating a sub section of the current group. Note that the group MRU list can only contain one group of a specific name at a time too, even if they are in different locations.
  5. Click Next.

Further Information

The rest of the feature is effectively identical to Copy Group - please refer to that topic for more information.

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