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Login Module

The Login module provides a login box for access to the Projects within the loaded Group.

The credentials to login to the Group are taken from the Security Settings applied in DriveWorks Administrator

DriveWorks will always require a valid login to gain access to the Projects, however this module can be copied and modified to provide pre-population of the credentials fields, or to auto-login.

This module appears by default on the Specify Page (see Default Web pages section in the topic Modules)

Editing The Login Module

The module can have the following settings applied:

  • Next Page after Logon- Default value is blank this will navigate to the Home page when Cancel is selected from the Specification Navigation Module.
  • Default Username - Enter a Username that exists in Security Settings if the login module is to be pre-populated with credentials for unregistered users (for example a Guest account).
  • Default Password - Enter a valid Password for the Username above if the login module is to be pre-populated with credentials for unregistered users (for example a Guest account).
  • Authentication
    • Standard DriveWorks Authentication (Default) - Uses the authentication as administered in Security Settings.
    • Mapped Active Directory Authentication - Uses Active Directory authentication.

To access settings for the Login module:

1. Start Personal Web Edition or DriveWorks Live and Login when the Login page appears in your browser.2. Navigate to the Web page that contains the module to be edited.3. Switch to Editing Mode.4. Locate the module on the web page and click the Edit Link in the top right corner of the module

Once the Edit link is clicked the Edit Module dialog will display, where the available settings can be applied:

Example Settings

Next Page after Logon setting:

Next Page after Logon settingDescription
(Blank) Will navigate to the Home Page once Logged in.
/HistoryWill navigate to the History page once Logged in.
/Will navigate to the Home page once once Logged in.
/Apps/MyProjectWill auto launch into the Project called MyProject.

Default Username and Password setting:

Default UsernameDefault PasswordDescription
GuestDriveWorksGuestWill pre-populate the Login screen with the default username of Guest and the password DriveWorksGuest (the password will be masked).

Mapped Active Directory Authentication setting:

Required Active Directory Group Memberships settingDescription
SalesGroupAllows the members of the Active Directory SalesGroup to logon to DriveWorks Live.
SalesGroup|EngineersGroupAllows the members of the Active Directory SalesGroup and EngineersGroup to logon to DriveWorks Live.

Active Directory Authentication

The Group members Usernames, of the active directory Group, must also exist in DriveWorks Security Settings.

Each user must share a common password which is set in the modules\Login\view\controller.cshtml file.

Before editing this file please read the section Create a Custom Module.

controller.cshtml file line 9

We recommend you change the value --[CHANGE THIS]-- to your chosen password.

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