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Specification Settings

The specification settings task provides the ability to control the naming and folder location of specifications which are created by running a project.

Each specification made appears in the Specification Explorer, until archived.

A specification creates two DriveWorks files, these files contain:

  • Details of the user forms as they were at the time the specification was made, and the data entered into the form controls.
  • Details of the rules that applied at the time the specification was made.

These files are given the name that is the result of the rule applied to the setting Specification Name. And are stored at the location that is the result of the rule applied to the setting Specification Path.

The specification files have the file extensions:
  • .drivespec
  • .driveprojx

These files are stored in a sub folder of the Specification Path setting named DriveWorksFiles. This folder name cannot be changed.

The folder and files are not viewable in Windows Explorer by default. The Windows Explorer Folder options must be changed to "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" to view these files.

Specification Name

This setting gives each specification created a unique name.

The default rule for this setting is:

"<project name> " & Text(DWSpecificationID,"0000")


<project name> is the name of the project to which the specification belongs.

DWSpecificationID is a Special Variable that gives a unique incremental number.

To setup a rule for the Specification Name click the "Build" button to the right of the Specification Name section.

The result of this rule can be used by using the Special VariableDWSpecification.

The Specification Name needs to be unique for every specification that is created. To do this we recommend the use of the Special Variable DWSpecificationID.

Specification Path

This setting defines the location from which the DriveWorks specification files will be stored. This must be a location unique for each specification made.

The default rule for this setting is:



DWSpecification is a Special Variable where the result of the Specification Name rule gets written to.

To setup a rule for the Specification Path click the "Build" button to the right of the Specification Path section.

The result of this rule can be used by using the Special VariableDWSpecificationPath.

Specification Tags

Tags are relevant when two or more DriveWorks Autopilot machines are deployed.

Tags allow control over which DriveWorks Autopilot processes the required information for a specification.

The result of the Tags rule must match a tag set in DriveWorks Autopilot.

If(HighPriorityCheckBox=True,"High","Low")When the checkbox HighPriority is checked will result in the tag High being applied to the parameter. Otherwise the tag low will be applied.
DriveWorks Autopilot must be set to process the information being tagged.

To create Additional Folders

To setup a rule for Additional Folders click the "Build" button to the right of the Additional Folders section.

The rule should have the same structure as the following

Example Additional Folder Rule
 DWSpecification & "\Folder 1" & "|" & DWSpecification & "\Folder 2"
The above rule would create two new folders, which are Folder 1 and Folder 2. The two newly create folders will appear in a folder with the name of the Specification Name.
If a folder has been created by using the Relative Path in Model Rules General then you will NOT need to create a rule in Additional Folders to create the same folder.
An example of the folder structure that has been created will appear the Current Value section.

The result of this rule can be used by using the Special VariableDWAdditionalFolders.

DriveWorks Tech Tips Portal

Incrementing Specification ID

Specification Settings can be used to create a Specification ID that increments separately for each user.

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