DriveWorks Pro 16: Create a New Account in Salesforce [send feedback...]

Create a New Account in Salesforce

This Specification Flow Task creates a New Account in Salesforce.

Create a New Account in Salesforce Properties

Property NameDescription
TitleChanges the Title (not the name) of the task.
Billing CityThis is the billing city, as text.
Billing StateThis is the Billing State, as text.
Billing StreetThis is the Billing Street, as text.
Billing Postal CodeThis is the Billing Postal Code, as text.
Billing countryThis is the Billing Country, as text.
Account DescriptionThis is the Account Description.
FaxThis is the Account Fax number.
IndustryThis is the Account Industry.
Account NameThis is the Account Name.
Account IdThis is the Account ID.
Number Of EmployeesThis is the number of Employees at the Account.
PhoneThis is the Account's main Phone number.
WebsiteThis is the Account's website.
TypeThis is the Account Type.
Shipping CityThis is the Shipping City, as text.
Shipping StateThis is the Shipping State, as text.
Shipping StreetThis is the Shipping Street, as text.
Shipping Postal CodeThis is the Shipping Postal Code, as text.
Shipping CountryThis is the Shipping Country, as text.
Annual RevenueThis is the estimated Annual Revenue of the Account.
Custom DataData for custom fields in the format CustField1=Custvalue1|CustField2=CustValue2. (Not Required).
Return ConstantThe name of the constant that the new Account ID will be posted to.

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