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Personal Web Edition

Personal Web Edition is a feature of DriveWorks Administrator that provides local access to see exactly how projects will look when accessed over the internet.

When Personal Web Edition is started the machines default web browser will be launched with the Web Theme loaded (until the theme is changed).

To Start Personal Web Edition.

Personal Web Edition is started from DriveWorks Adm5inistrator. With the group open that contains the project to be specified using Personal Web Edition click Stage 2. Specification> Personal Web Edition (this becomes Stage 6. Specification> Personal Web Edition if you have a project open) and:

  1. Click the "Start" button on the command bar. This will then open your default web browser. 
  2. Login to the Group using your group login details.
  3. Select the Project from the project list.

The project can now be specified in exactly the same way as it would in DriveWorks Administrator or DriveWorks User.

Any changes made to the project while PWE is running will appear when the current specification is cancelled and then restarted. PWE does not require to be stopped and restarted to show any changes. Ensure any changes that are made are saved in DriveWorks Administrator.
Previous specification can be found by selecting History in PWE.
Only one session of PWE can be running at a time.

To Select a Theme

DriveWorks provides two themes that can be chosen to be loaded:

  • Web Theme - designed to provide a true web experience with the flexibility of further customization.
  • Application Theme - designed to provide most of the functionality of DriveWorks User with a similar look and feel, cannot be customized.

The Theme can be changed from the following applications:

  • DriveWorks Administrator - by opening a Group and then selecting Stage 2: Specification> Personal Web edition (this becomes Stage 6. Specification> Personal Web Edition if you have a project open).
  • DriveWorks Live - by opening a Group and then selecting Stage 2: Specification> Live

Complete the following steps to change the Theme:

Personal Web Edition or DriveWorks Live must be stopped before Theme Configuration can be launched. This can be done from the application you are using by:

  • From DriveWorks Administrator - Stage 2: Specification> Personal Web edition (Stage 6. Specification> Personal Web Edition when a project open).
  • From DriveWorks Live - Stage 2: Specification> Live

Click Stop from the command bar.

  1. Click the Theme button from the command bar
  2. Select the required Theme from the Theme configuration dialog.
  3. Click Finish

Customize the Web Theme

The Web Theme is highly customizable. For more information please see Customizing DriveWorks Live.

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