DriveWorks Pro 16: License Management [send feedback...]

DriveWorks License Management

The License Management tool is used to:

  • View license information for fixed licenses that have been activated on the machine.
  • Configure the License Manager to be the Floating (Network) License Server.
  • Add and activate floating licenses to the License Manager.
  • Return fixed and floating Licenses that have been activated on the machine.

Where to install DriveWorks License Management

DriveWorks License Management should be installed along with each application that a Fixed License has been purchased for (see License Types below for information on the license types available for each DriveWorks Pro module). Doing this will allow you to view the license information for that product and also return the license should you require it to be re-activated on another machine.

When a Floating License has been purchased, DriveWorks License Management should also be installed on a machine that acts as the License Server.

Please see Multi-application Deployment in the section Deployment Scenarios in the article How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro for advice on where to locate DriveWorks License Management.
License Types

Launch DriveWorks License Management

The License Management Tool is launched from:

Windows Start Button> All Programs> DriveWorks{Version Number}> Tools> DriveWorks License Management (OS type)

To Return a License

  1. Select the licence that is to be returned and click "View"
  2. Click "Return License"
  3. Click "Finish" on the License Management wizard once it is complete
A DriveWorks license code can be returned at most twice in any one day
The machine a license is returned from must be connected to the internet to make use of this feature.

A type of license that restricts the use of the software to a single computer.

A type of software license that gives the ability to share a limited number of licenses among a large number of machines.

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