DriveWorks Pro 15: Image Power Pack [send feedback...]

Image Power Pack

The DriveWorks Image Power Pack plug-in extends a DriveWorks implementation by adding advanced functions and tasks directly related to image processing.

These tasks accept all standard image file types.


Once downloaded, double click the DriveWorks-ImagePowerPack-[version number].msi file to begin the installation process.

DriveWorks and SolidWorks should be closed while installing the plug-in.

Once installed the plug-in is automatically loaded in DriveWorks.


The plug-in is uninstalled from Windows Programs and Features and will be listed as DriveWorks ImagePowerPack [version number].

DriveWorks should be closed and restarted once the plug-in has been uninstalled to remove it from the plug-in list in the DriveWorks settings.

User Defined Functions

Once the Image Power Pack is installed, the following user defined functions will be available from the rule builder.




Specification Tasks

Once the Image Power Pack is installed, the following Specification Tasks will be available from the Toolbox (available when creating Specification Macros or editing the Specification Flow).


Add Transparent Padding to an Image

Circular Crop Image

Convert Color in Image to be Transparent

Convert Image to Greyscale

Crop An Image By Removing Whitespace or Transparency

Draw a Polygon in a New Image

Draw Lines in New Image

Flip Image

Generate Area Chart

Generate Column Chart

Generate Line Chart

Generate Pie Chart

Rectangular Crop Image

Resize Image

Rotate Image

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