DriveWorks Pro 17: Captured Models [send feedback...]

Captured Models

The Captured Models section shows all of the models which have been captured in the currently open group.

You can right click any captured model to see options to expand/contract its children.

Capturing a New Model

To Capture a new model, simply:

  1. Open the part or assembly in SOLIDWORKS
  2. Click the Action Link which appears at the top and asks you to capture the active model

Removing an Existing Model

To remove an existing model:

  1. From the DriveWorks Capture Assistant select Captured Assembly Structure
  2. Right Click the component to be uncaptured
  3. Select Uncapture Children

The warning message below will be displayed:

Select the following from the message:

  • Cancel - to cancel the uncapture
  • Yes - to uncapture the component and remove all captured information from the group
  • No - to uncapture the component but preserve all captured information in the group
    Preserving all captured information allows a model to be recaptured and have all captured information restored.

    This allows, for example, a sub-assembly to be removed from an assembly and recaptured outside of the existing assembly structure.

Import Components

The Import Components wizard enables you to import captured models and all captured parameters from one group, into the current group.

Please see Import Components for more information.

Capture Parameters from the Model

After a model has been captured it can then have parameters captured that will be driven by the rules put in place.

More information on capturing the various parameters can be found at the following links:

For Parts:

For Assemblies:

Once a drawing has been captured for a model (part or assembly) it can then have further parameters captured to drive the drawing.

More information on capturing the various drawing parameters can be found at the following links:

For Drawings:

Capturing is the process of telling DriveWorks what documents, models and drawings you want to automate, and what features in those models and drawings are going to change.

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