DriveWorks Pro 16: SppXmlGetElementAttributes [send feedback...]


Returns an array value based on a row per attribute (Name, Value) for each attribute of an XML element given the path to the XML element


SppXmlGetElementAttributes([XML], [Element Path])


XML is an object such as that returned from SppXmlLoad or SppXmlFromString.

Element Path is a full path to the element inside the XML object (For example: Quote\Customer). If the element is part of an array with the same name, the path would need to use an instance number (For example Quote\Items\Item\6 to return the attributes for the 6th Item).


SppXmlGetElementAttributes(DWVariableXMLLoad,"Quote\CompanyName")Will retrieve the attributes from the path Quote\CompanyName in the XML loaded in the variable DWVariableXMLLoad.

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