DriveWorks Pro 16: SppGetTableRowsBetweenText [send feedback...]


Returns a table containing a specified number of data rows from an existing table based on a start and an end text.


SppGetTableRowsBetweenText ([Table Array],[Column Number],[Start Text],[End Text],[Include Search Text In Results])


Table Array is a Table array (such as the data in a standard table, or the result of a QueryDataValues function).

Column Number is the column number in which to find the start and end text.

Start Text is the text to search for to find the start row.

End Text is the text to search for to find the end row.

Include Search Text In Results is TRUE to include the rows containing the start and end text, FALSE to only include the rows between.


SppGetTableRowsBetweenText(DwLookupCustomers,2,"DriveWorks","SolidWorks",TRUE)Will return all rows between the search text fields.

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