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Circular Crop Image

This Specification Task will crop an image into a circular shape for which you can control its radius.

You can control the radius of the circle but you will have to make sure that this circle is within the boundary of the source image.

Circular Crop Image Properties

Property NameDescription
Constant NameThe name of the constant used to report on the success of the specification task. If it is a success this will be used to store the path of the generated image.
DestinationThe full file name and path of the image file to create, including its extension.
OverwriteTrue to overwrite an existing image, False to keep the existing image.
RadiusThe Radius of the circle to crop in pixels.
SourceThe full file name and path of the source image file to crop, including its extension.
TitleChanges the Title (not the name) of the task.

Simple Example

Using the image below as the source image:

This image is 600 pixels wide by 450 pixels high.

The maximum radius we can use to crop the image while still being in the image boundary is 450/2 = 225 pixels, the task properties will be as follows:

And below is the result:

Overview of possible results

Below is a quick animation of the different results you can get using a macro that loops this task to crop the image with all possible radius values:

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