DriveWorks Pro 16: SppXPathSetAttributeValue [send feedback...]


Returns an XML formatted object with a new attribute value.


SppXPathSetAttributeValue([XML],[Path],[Attribute Name],[New Value])


XML is an XML object such as that returned from SppXMLLoad or SppXMLFromString, or XML as a text string.

Path is the path to the parent element, in the XML, whose values are to be set. The path needs to be separated with a back slash (\) for example Quote\Items.

Path is case sensitive.

Attribute Name is the name of the attribute to be edited, if the attribute does not exist it will be created with the new value.

New Value is the new value for the specified attribute.


SppXPathSetAttributeValue(DWVariableXMLFromString,"Bom\Items\Item","Qty",3)Will return an XML object with the attribute Qty set to 3.

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