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SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM plugin Settings

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SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM plugin Settings

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM end of life

Support ends 31st December 2018.

We recommend upgrading to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. For information on how DriveWorks integrates with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional please see SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional plugin Settings.

The SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM plug-in will check into the specified vault all selected data automatically generated by DriveWorks.

This plugin is machine specific and should be installed on each machine that produces the data to be checked into the vault. (DriveWorks Administrator, DriveWorks User, DriveWorks Autopilot, DriveWorks Live)

The main purpose of the plugin is to check into the vault the following when DriveWorks creates them:

  • SOLIDWORKS documents (Parts, Assemblies, Drawings and any file formats created from these)
  • Documents (Word, Excel, XML and any file formats created from these)

Install\ Uninstall

The installation file is available from the DriveWorks Community website at https://my.driveworks.co.uk/ (login required).

Once downloaded double click the DriveWorksPDMWW.msi to begin the installation process. DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS should be closed while installing the plugin.

Once installed the plugin is automatically loaded in DriveWorks.

The plugin is uninstalled from Windows Programs and Features, and will be listed as PDMWorks Workgroup for DriveWorks 7.3. The version number of DriveWorks indicates this version of DriveWorks or later will be able to run this plugin.

Source Code

The plugin provides the functionality described on this page. If anything over and above this provision is required the source code is available by selecting Custom from the installation type.

DriveWorks provides a software development kit for customers requiring additional integration. See How To: Obtain The DriveWorks SDK


The plugin settings are available by selecting the settings button in DriveWorks Administrator or DriveWorks Autopilot.

  1. Once the settings dialog is open choose plugin settings.
  2. Under the Plugins heading in the list select SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM
  3. Select the Settings button.

Vault Name

Enter the name of the vault the DriveWorks files are to be stored in.

User Name/Password

Enter a valid User Name and Password for access to the vault.

Top Level Project Name

Enter the name of the top level project (folder) in the vault from which all files will be stored.

Check Models in

This setting automatically checks in all Assemblies, Parts and Drawings as they are created by each new DriveWorks specification. Any additional file types associated with any assembly, part or drawing will also be checked in with this setting.

Check Documents in

Any documents created by DriveWorks will be checked in with this setting applied.

Logging Verbosity

There are three settings that activate various levels of logging during the running of the plugin.

  • None - Disables all report logging.
  • General - Enables basic logging, reports on the load success/failure of the plugin.
  • Diagnostic - Enables full logging, reports on the load success/failure of the plugin and the success/failure of checking in each model and file.

Request Port/Data Port

The Request port and Data port are set to the default values that WorkgroupPDM will use. If you are you using a different set of values, these can be applied in the appropriate fields.


Click the Test button to test connection to the vault.

Running the plugin

All master models, drawings and documents that DriveWorks creates all new data from should be stored outside the vault.

DriveWorks will check into the vault a copy of the model, drawing or document. The original files should be located outside the vault in the location designated by the default specification folder setting (see General Settings), and the relative path rule applied to the model, drawing or document.

When copying the generated files to the vault the default specification folder setting is replaced with the Top Level Project Name setting applied in the plugin settings (see above).

Projects (Folders)

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM does not allow any two projects (folders) with the same name. This is true for any level of project (folder) being created.

For example the following project (folder) structure is created from a specification made in DriveWorks:

> Spec 001

> Documents

The next specification requires the following project (folder) structure

> Spec 002

> Documents

The project (folder) Spec 002 does not exist in the vault, so DriveWorks will create this. But the project (folder) Documents does already exist, so any data required to be placed in this project (folder) will be placed in the folder > Spec 001 > Documents.

Models, Drawings and Documents

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM does not allow any two files with the same name to be stored in the vault.

For this reason DriveWorks will not check in any of the .drivespec files created for each specification, as these are named the same for each specification created.

Care should be taken that any documents being generated cannot have the same name. For example the document:

\Spec 001\Documents\Quote.doc

will be revised with

\Spec 002\Documents\Quote.doc

Because the project (folder) Documents already exists in the Spec 001 project, the project Spec 002\Documents will not be created and the document that should go in this project (folder) will be revised by the Quote.doc file in the Spec 001\Documents project.

Similar care should be taken with the name applied to SOLIDWORKS models and drawings.

When the name applied, to a model or drawing, is to be the same as one previously created, ensure the rule for the Relative Path for the model or drawing will place the file in the same location. This will ensure that DriveWorks will make use of the existing file and not create a revision of the original in the vault.

When using the DriveWorks setting to Overwrite Released Model data the copy of the generated models and drawings stored outside the vault will be overwritten. The copy of the new models checked into the vault will be a revision of the originals.