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As DriveWorks no longer supports Excel based projects this tool is only available from the installation of DriveWorks 11 or older.

The DriveWorks Project Conversion Tool facilitates the conversion of an existing DriveWorks Excel-based project to a native DriveWorks project.

Native DriveWorks projects are much less resource intensive without impacting functionality, load times and the specification experience IS much faster. They also offer much more flexibility, more functions and many more dynamic form control properties.

If your project is required to be run in a web browser, through DriveWorks Live, Excel based projects should be converted where possible.


If your existing Excel based project has only ever been implemented and maintained through DriveWorks Administrator, then conversion should be successful.

If you have manually added any of the following, further manual conversion may be required.

  • Macros - Consider converting any VB macros to DriveWorks Specification Macros, or using the DriveWorks SDK to re-create the macro.
  • Custom calculation sheets - Consider creating a DriveWorks Table and making use of variables to re-create the sheet.
  • External libraries and links - Consider creating a DriveWorks Table, linking to a database or using the DriveWorks SDK.
  • Circular references - Must be resolved prior to conversion.
  • Other non-supported features in Microsoft Excel (conditional formatting of cells, duplicate cell references etc.)


Before attempting conversion open the Excel based project in the latest version of DriveWorks Administrator and ensure a specification can be successfully run.

Step 1

Launch the DriveWorks Project Conversion tool.

The program can be found from the Windows Start button> All Programs> DriveWorks> Tools

Check the box next to "I confirm that I have read this information..."

Click Next

Step 2

Select the group the Excel based project belongs to. This can be done by:

  1. Recent group - If the group has been recently opened it will appear in the Recent group drop down.
  2. Individual Group - If the group is an individual group selecting this option and clicking next will allow you to Browse to the individual group.
  3. Shared Group - If the group is a Shared group selecting this option and clicking next will allow you to connect to the DriveWorks Pro Server that hosts the group, and then select the group from the Server.

Click Next

Step 3

Enter the logon credentials used to administer the group

Click Log-on

Step 4

Select the Excel based project from the project list. This will be listed with the name of your project and it's current location.

Click Next

Step 5

Browse to a location to store the converted project. This location must be empty.

Enter a Name for the converted project. By default the name of the folder selected above will be populated in the Name field. This can be changed to be a new name for the project.

Click Next

Step 6

The Project conversion Wizard runs some initial checks prior to attempting the conversion. These include:

  • Check the original project file exists
  • Check the design master (Excel file) exists
  • Check the directory for the new project is still present
  • Check the directory is empty.

Click Next

Step 7

Conversion of the Excel project now takes place.

Once complete a message box appears indicating success or failure.

If any errors have occured the report can be viewed which will detail what was encountered that caused any failure. Click Yes on the message box to open the report viewer and double click the reference to the report, in the viewer, to view the report.

If conversion was successful click No in the message box to close and click Finish to exit the Project Conversion tool

The converted project is a copy of the original, the original project will be left unchanged in the group.

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