DriveWorks Pro 17: Views [send feedback...]


The DriveWorks CPQ Template is built using Views and Dialogs. Views show the main form content and dialogs are used to edit and manage content.

A View in the DriveWorks CPQ Template is a visual screen inside the template.

There are several parts to a View. A View is made up of Data, Buttons or User Interface and a DriveWorks Project to show the content.

Views can share DriveWorks Projects but the Views can be different based on the data they pass into the Project and the buttons they show.

Every core bit of user interface you see in the DriveWorks CPQ Template are Views. Views are added and they can be accessed through buttons in the Menu Bar or via Dashboards.

Parented Views

Views can be parented to other Views inside the DriveWorks CPQ Template. This means that they can share data based on ID's within their data.

For example:

We have a table of Customer Accounts and we have a table of Contacts.

Contacts can be parented to Customer Accounts so that we can View all the Contacts at a specific Account.

To Parent one View to another you must have the correct data structure. The child table data must contain an ID column as the first column and a ParentID column as the second column in the table

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