DriveWorks Pro 18: Setup View [send feedback...]

Setup View

The Setup View lets you customize basic settings from inside the DriveWorks CPQ Template. Modify Fonts, Colors, Locations and Logos from inside the solution.

Location in the DriveWorks CPQ Template:

Dashboard > Admin Panel > Setup


Fonts Colors

Fonts Colors lets you modify basic Fonts and Colors within the DriveWorks CPQ Template. Quickly and easily modify the look and feel of the template through these settings.

  • CPQ Template Font

    Change the default font for the whole CPQ Template. The new font will be used everywhere in each DriveWorks Project.

  • Font Colors

    Control the font color of each text style that is used in the template.

  • Form Colors

    Changes the background color of every CPQ form and changes the Menu Bar Color so you can create UI that matches.

  • Data Tables

    Change how Data Tables appear the user by changing the Selected Row Color and Selected Font Color.

Company Logo

This section can be used to upload your company logo to the DriveWorks CPQ Implementation. Upload a Logo and set its width to chnage the way it appears in the Header Bar.

File Locations

Enter a file location where you want the Quote Documents to be saved to. For example, pick a shared location where the files need to be saved to.

If you want to view Quote Documents on the web then this location must be setup as a files site within Internet Information Services (IIS).


\\MY-PC-NAME\FilesGoHere\ would be the site you setup in IIS and point to the above location.

Web Addresses

  • Main Website

    The Main Website setting should contain the URL of the main CPQ website. This should include http:// or https:// if your site uses SSL.

    This will be used to logout of the CPQ Implementation within the User Profile.

  • Files Website

    The Files Website should contain the URL of the files website you want to use. This should include http:// or https:// if your site uses SSL.

    This will be used to open files from the files website in the Quote Documents Project.

  • Embedded Website

    If you are embedding the template into your own website then this should be the URL you use to do that. This should include http:// or https:// if your site uses SSL.


Enter the base currency symbol needed for the DriveWorks CPQ Template. For example: $

Email Addresses

  • Sender Email

    Enter the email address that you want emails to be sent from inside the CPQ Template.

  • Sender Alias

    Enter the Alias that you want to appear in emails to your customers.

    Sender Email and Sender Alias to create the From Email Address. For Example:

    DriveWorks CPQ <>

    This email will appear from DriveWorks CPQ but be sent from the email address

Source Data

  • Auto refresh Data

    Auto Refresh Data will auto refresh the source data that is used in the ListView Project. Data will be refreshed every 20 seconds. This can be modified in the ListView Project.

    This only works in the ListView Project. This is the only Project that needs to get data regularly.

Saving Settings

Settings are not applied straight away.

To Save the settings entered, press the Save button in the middle of the screen.

Settings may only apply once the User has logged out of DriveWorks Live and logged back in again.

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