DriveWorks Pro 18: Security Teams [send feedback...]

Security Teams

Security Teams lets you Add, Edit and Delete DriveWorks Teams inside the DriveWorks CPQ Template.

This View will list all of the DriveWorks Teams in the DriveWorks CPQ Template Group. Further Teams can be added to the Group and managed using the Add, Edit and Delete buttons.

You can also manage what DriveWorks Projects each Team can access using the Manage Projects button.

Location in the DriveWorks CPQ Template:

Dashboard > Admin Panel > Security Teams

Adding a DriveWorks Team

  1. In the Security Teams View, select Add from the Menu Bar. A DriveWorks Project will appear as a dialog.
  2. Enter a new Team name. The Team name must not already exist in the DriveWorks Group.
  3. You can also set other information about the Team.
    • Team Display Name
    • Members Can Capture
    • Members Can Edit All Specifications
    • Members Can Edit Group Security
  4. Once you have filled out the information, press Add. This will add the Team to the DriveWorks Group.

DriveWorks Autopilot is required to process Security. The Add, Edit and Delete Project is sent to DriveWorks Autopilot for processing.

DriveWorks Autopilot is used because it is logged into the DriveWorks Group as a User that has permission to edit Group security.

Editing a DriveWorks Team

Editing a DriveWorks Team is the same process as Adding a DriveWorks Team, apart from you cannot change the Team Name. Team Name cannot be edited even in DriveWorks Administrator.

Every other setting can be modified on a DriveWorks team through the editor.

DriveWorks Autopilot is required to process the update.

Deleting a DriveWorks Team

  1. Select a Team to delete from the Data Table on the Security Teams View.
  2. Select Delete from the Menu Bar.
  3. On the dialog that appears, select DELETE to remove the Team.

DriveWorks Autopilot is required to process the delete.

Managing Projects

Manage Projects lets you administer what DriveWorks Projects a Team has Run and Edit permissions to.

  1. Select a Team from the Data Table in the Security Teams View.
  2. Select Manage Projects from the Menu Bar. A dialog will open.
  3. In the editor, select a Project or Row in the table and either select Run Project or Edit Project.

    Run Project - Let's members of a Team run that DriveWorks Project as a Specification.

    Edit Project - Let's members of a Team edit that DriveWorks Project in DriveWorks Administrator.

  4. Selecting Run Project or Edit Project will set the row to either True or False.
  5. Once you have modified the Project permissions, select Update to save those changes.

DriveWorks Autopilot is required to process Project permissions.

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