DriveWorks Pro 18: Enhancements [send feedback...]


The DriveWorks CPQ Template has been updated to use new features added in DriveWorks 16 Service Pack 1.



V2.1 of the DriveWorks CPQ Template now uses FsGetURL. It uses this function to get links to files that have been created by an Order (Specification).

Using FsGetURL means that you no longer need to set up a files site in IIS. Previously you required an IIS site for the main CPQ Project and an IIS site to view files created by an Order. With V2.1 of the CPQ Template you don't need a files site in IIS. You only need one site setup in IIS to run the CPQ Template.

FsGetURL is standard DriveWorks functionality and therefore also works in DriveWorks Administrator and on the web through DriveWorks Live.

DriveWorks 16 Service Pack 1 is required for this feature to work. It is worth upgrading to take advantage of this feature.

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