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OrderView Project

The OrderView Project is a modified list view. This Project contains several Forms, one of which contains a Data Table that shows a list of Child Specifications or Order Line Items.

The OrderView Project contains a Child Specification List and all Line Items are Child Projects of this Project. Having the Line Items as Children means that they can be pulled into the Child Specification List and Rollup Data Table and shown in the Data Table.

This means that any Custom Configurator must be added as a Child Specification of this Project. This allows them to be added as a Line Item and appear in the Data Table.

Reading in Data

Just like the ListView, the OrderView has several Variables that get and filter the data to be shown in the Data Table.

These Variable can be found under the categories List > Table Data.

The Variables under this category contain Comments which tell you what order they are used in and what each one does.

The Comments in these Variables start from 0 and increment upwards. This is the order they are used in.

OrderView Buttons

The OrderView Project has 10 Menu Buttons in the Project. These are shown in the Menu Bar when the Project is run in a View.

These Menu Buttons are populated from the Macros Group Table based on the currently active View. The OrderView Project is capable of taking normal buttons, Transitions and Operations.

Transitions and Operations are effected only by the OrderView's Specification Flow. Child Specifications do not effect the visibility of these buttons.

Therefore, a Transition or Operation will only show if it exists in the current Specification Flow State and if the user has permission to access it.

For Child Specifications, Child Specification Transitions are always available. We do not limit what and when Transitions are available. The parent (OrderView) is in charge of when the buttons are shown. This means that you have one central place to manage Specification Flow.

If you need a Child Specification Transition to be available, the best thing to do is have an Operation in the OrderView Specification Flow that appears at a certain point in the work flow.

Adding Configurators to the OrderView

To add Child Specifications or Configurators to the OrderView, please follow the Help File topic: How To: Add Custom Products to the DriveWorks CPQ Template.

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