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ListView Project

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ListView Project

The ListView Project is a generic list view. This Project contains several Forms, one of which contains a Data Table that can show a list of data.

This Project is used to show lists of information like Customers or Accounts, Contacts and lots more. This Project is generic and is used by many CPQ Views. If you make a change to this one Project you will see that change across many Views.

Reading in Data

The ListView Project has several Variables that pull data into the Project. These Variables can be found under the categories List > Table Data.

The Variables under this category contain Comments which tell you what order they are used in and what each one does.

The Comments in these Variables start from 0 and increment upwards. This is the order they are used in.

These Variables pull data into a Constant, filters the data and shows it in the Data Table. The data is combined with parent tables, certain columns are selected and given aliases before it is shown on the Form.

If you want to change the data source for this Project, you can modify these Variables to get the data from any other external source.

To do this, it is recommended that you copy the ListView Project to create a custom View. Otherwise you risk breaking functionality on other CPQ Views.

Creating Custom List Views

If you want a custom list view for a specific CPQ View. The best thing to do is take a copy of the ListView Project.

For example, you could copy the ListView Project and create a CustomerView Project. You are then free to make any customizations to this new DriveWorks Project.

The benefit of this is that it doesn't then effect other Views inside the CPQ template. It also makes it easier to maintain going forwards.

You should not customize the ListView Project and have multiple modes for each View inside this one Project. You risk making this one Project more complex and harder to manage.

The DriveWorks CPQ Template is very modular, so make use of this useful feature.

ListView Buttons

The ListView Project has 10 Menu Buttons in the Project. These are shown in the Menu Bar when the Project is run in a View.

These Menu Buttons are populated from the Macros Group Table based on the currently active View. The ListView Project is capable of taking normal buttons, Transitions and Operations.

Transitions and Operations only show if there is an active Specification in the Data Table. There is no point running Transitions and Operations in this View if there are no Specifications shown in the Data Table.

If you need a Menu Button to Transition the ListView Project then you should just use a normal macro button that runs a Specification Macro.