DriveWorks Pro 18: DriveWorks CPQ Template [send feedback...]

The CPQ Template has been superseded by the CPQ DriveApp introduced in DriveWorks 18 SP1.

Existing implementations of the CPQ Template will continue to function.

However, we recommend transferring to the CPQ DriveApp or using it when starting from new.

The CPQ DriveApp allows regular enhancements, in each major or service pack release, to be incorporated without affecting the underlying data.

DriveWorks CPQ Template

The DriveWorks CPQ Template (Configure Price Quote) has been created to make it easy for manufacturing companies to quickly leverage the benefits of online selling.

Using standard DriveWorks functionality, Rules, Workflow, Form Design, Integration and 3D , the DriveWorks CPQ Template is a DriveWorks Group template with a configurable dashboard.

You select which DriveWorks projects to include, the pricing and discount structures to apply and what data to pass to and from other company systems such as ERP and CRM.

The DriveWorks CPQ administrator will:

  • Manage access and permissions to the CPQ front end.
  • Add DriveWorks projects at any time.
  • Customize the CPQ solution for inside sales, dealers, distributors and customers.
  • Apply real-time pricing updates to ensure accurate quotes are generated and that they reflect your companies strategic and commercial goals.
  • Customize the CPQ dashboard so the administrator can have specific views such as quoted items, pending orders, fulfilled orders, etc..

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