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How To: Create a custom View

The DriveWorks CPQ Template is made up of Views. Underneath each View is a DriveWorks Project. Most Views in the DriveWorks CPQ template use the ListView DriveWorks Project. This is a generic Project that can show data for many different Views.

What if you want to create your own custom View? How would you create a custom View?

In this topic, you will be given steps on how to create a custom View inside the CPQ template.

Creating a custom View

Step 1. Create your custom View DriveWorks Project

  1. In DriveWorks Data Management, open your DriveWorks CPQ Group.
  2. Navigate to Projects in the task explorer on the left-hand side.
  3. Select the ListView Project from the list of Project.
  4. Click Copy Project in the command bar.
  5. Pick a folder and Project name for this new Project.
  6. Press Finish to copy the Project.
  7. Close DriveWorks Data Management.

Step 2. Add your Project to CPQ

  1. In DriveWorks Administrator, open your DriveWorks CPQ Group.
  2. Navigate to Group Tables in the task explorer.
  3. Open the Group Table called ProjectsList.
  4. Add your new Project to the end of the table.

    For example:

  5. Press OK on the Group Table to save your changes.

Step 3. Add your custom View to the View Manager

  1. In the CPQ solution, go to Dashboard > Admin Panel > View Manager.
  2. In the left-hand menu, select Add to add a new View.
  3. Specify the details for your new View.
  4. Custom Views are usually of the View Type "Other".
  5. Click Add View to add the View to CPQ.

Step 4. Add your custom View to a View Button.

  1. In the CPQ solution, go to Dashboard > Admin Panel > View Buttons.
  2. With the View selected, click +Add on the menu bar.
  3. Fill out the form to add your Project to the button.

    For example:

    Button Width100
    DriveWorks Specification Macro to RunNewSpec
    DriveWorks Form to ShowSpecHost
    View NameYour New View Name
    DriveWorks Project to Run(The name of your custom Project)
    Menu BarTRUE
    Button Permanent(Optional)
  4. Add a Team to your buttons permissions.
  5. Press Add Button once you have filled out the information.

Step 5. Test your custom View

It is important to test your custom View works.

  1. In the CPQ solution, go to your View.
  2. Select your new button in the menu bar or dashboard.
  3. Does your custom View appear?

Edit your custom View Project

Now that you have created your custom View and Project, you can put anything on its forms.

Custom Views can be used for anything you want to do in the CPQ template. They can be used to show specific data, reporting, bespoke Views and lots more.

There are some features that are required as part of the CPQ template. Do not remove all of the Projects features as they may be needed. In the ListView Project you can add your own UI to the "List" form.

On the List form, you can remove the "ListData" Data Table. However, you should leave the Frame Controls that are used to show Menu Buttons and Breadcrumbs.

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