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CPQ - Group Tables

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CPQ - Group Tables

The DriveWorks CPQ Template includes 22 Group Tables out of the box. These Group Tables are used to store data and settings that are important to the DriveWorks CPQ Template.

By default the DriveWorks CPQ Template stores its data in Group Tables. Data can be stored in other systems that DriveWorks integrates with. Data doesn't have to remain in these Group Tables.

When setting up a View inside the DriveWorks CPQ Template, you can create rules that link to other 3rd Party Systems like databases.

DriveWorks CPQ Template Group Tables

Group Table NameInformation
AdminEmailsStores the names and email addresses of CPQ admins. Users in this table will be sent admin only emails such as order approval emails. Manual entry of data required.
CatalogueCategoriesStores all of the Catalogue Categories added to the DriveWorks CPQ Template. These are Categories used in the Product Catalogue inside the OrderView project.
CataloguePermissionsStores permissions for the Catalogue inside the OrderView Project. A Team name is stored against a Catalogue Item's ID. This table references the ID's being used in CatalogueReferences.
CatalogueReferencesStores the relational data used in the Catalogue between Categories and Products. This table references both CatalogueCategories and ProductData Group Tables. The Catalogue hierarchy can be found here.
ContactsStores Contact data used in the Contacts View. Contacts is parented by the Customers Group Table.
CPQSetupStores basic settings information that can be modified in the DriveWorks CPQ Template. These are things like Fonts, Colors and Logos.
CurrencyStores Currency data used in the Currency View. This data is used to work out currency exchange rates.
CustomerDiscountStores Discount data about a Customer. This table is parented by the Customers Group Table. This includes Discount Type, the Value To and the amount to Discount.
CustomersStores Customer data about each Customer in the CPQ template. This table is not parented but is filtered based on the Team. This is so people can only see data for the Team that they are a member of.
ListDefaultsStores Users column order preferences and column sizes for each List View. Each User can set Column Order and Column Sizes in a List View.
MacroPermissionsStores permissions for Dashboard and Menu Buttons. This table determines what Team has access to Menu Bar and Dasboard UI.
MacrosStores data about each Menu Bar and Dashboard button. This includes the Specification Macro to Run, Project to Run, Width of the button and lots more.
PasswordResetStores password reset data so a password reset can be performed. Data is not displayed in a human readable format.
ProductDataStores all of the Product information used inside each Products and Catalogue. This includes the Name, Description, Product Features and lots more.
ProductDiscountStores bulk discount information for Products that it has been applied to. Each price range is added to this table for storage.
ProjectsListStores a list of all the Projects in the DriveWorks CPQ Group. This list is used to determine if a Project can be use in Menu Buttons or as a Product. Used in UI throughout the CPQ template.
SecTeamProjectsStores lists of Projects that Teams can run. This is a duplication of the DriveWorks Group Security. This is used for UI purposes and doesn't affect security.
SecurityTeamsStores Teams temporarily while they are modified by DriveWorks Autopilot. Data is added to this table and deleted when the update is complete.
SecurityUsersStores Users temporarily while they are modified by DriveWorks Autopilot. Data is added to this table and deleted when the update is complete.
TableAliasesStores pipe bar lists of Column Aliases for each List View. Aliases can be setup for a List View in the View Manager.
ViewSourceStores information about each CPQ View. This includes the Data Query (Rule) that gets data for the View. This is important for the CPQ template.