DriveWorks Pro 17: Getting Started [send feedback...]

Getting Started

Please make sure you have installed the DriveWorks CPQ Template before continuing. Please see Installation.

To begin using the DriveWorks CPQ Template you must create a new CPQ Solution. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open DriveWorks Administrator.
  2. Create a new Group. Please see New Group Wizard.
  3. Pick the DriveWorks CPQ Template under Templates and press Next.

  4. Select the location to save the new template Group to and press Next.

  5. The DriveWorks Group Wizard will now extract the DriveWorks CPQ Template to the location specified.

  6. Once finished press Finish and log into the Group.
  7. The DriveWorks CPQ Template is now ready to use. Simply create a new Specification and select the Dashboard Project.
    The DriveWorks CPQ Template will be extracted the location specified. The Template packages contains a Content folder for images, a Projects folder for DriveWorks Projects, a Specifications Folder and the DriveWorks Individual Group.
  8. The DriveWorks Individual Group created should be upscaled to a Shared Group. Please see the Upscale Tool for more information.


Inside the DriveWorks CPQ Template Implementation there is a view called Setup. The Setup View allows you to modify settings unique to the DriveWorks CPQ Template.

To find out what settings can be changed, please see Setup View

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