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Catalogue Categories

Catalogue Categories lets you Add, Edit and Delete catalogue categories inside the DriveWorks CPQ Template.

Categories make up a large majority of the DriveWorks CPQ Template Product Catalogue. Categories allow you to group similar Products under one area. In this View, you can add these categories for use in the Product Catalogue.

As well as managing each category, you can also upload images for each category. This is the image that is shown in the Product Catalogue inside the OrderView Project.

Location in the DriveWorks CPQ Template:

Dashboard > Admin Panel > Catalogue Manager > Catalogue Categories

Adding a Category

  1. In the View, Catalogue Categories, select Add from the Menu Bar and a dialog will appear.
  2. Enter the name of the Category you want to add.
    The Category Name must be unique and must not exist already in the CPQ solution.
  3. Once a name is entered, press Apply to add the category.

Editing a Category

Editing a Category is the same process as adding one. However, when editing you can rename the Category that you have selected.

Deleting a Category

  1. In the View, Catalogue Categories, select a category from the Data Table.
  2. Select Delete from the Menu Bar.
  3. A dialog will appear confirming whether you want to perform the Delete.
  4. Select Delete to remove the category data.

Deleting a Category will delete any associated data with it.

Deleting a category will delete its Catalogue Permissions from the CPQ system. It will also remove the Catalogue References and any Child References.

This means that if you deleted a top level category then every reference under that category in the catalogue would also be removed. Please note, that only references and permissions are removed. Additional Categories and Products are not deleted from the CPQ system.

Managing Category Images

Adding Category Images:

  1. In the View, Catalogue Categories, select a category from the Data Table.
  2. Select Category Images from the Menu Bar.
  3. A dialog will appear. In this Project you can upload a new image for the selected category.
  4. Select Upload Category Image.
  5. Select a PNG or JPG image from a folder location and select Open.
  6. The image is immediately uploaded and applied to the CPQ system.
  7. Select the cross in the top right hand corner to exit the Project.

Editing Category Images:

The process for editing Category Images is the same as adding Category Images. Every time a category image is uploaded the previous image is removed. This is an automatic process. The images are saved against the Categories ID.

Deleting Category Images:

Deleting a Category will also delete its image folder, removing the image and folder from the content folder.

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